SSL Certificate

 SSL means (Secure Sockets Layer) a worldwide standard which provides encrypted communication between a web browser and a web server. The risk of sensitive information (e.g. number of credit cards, username, passwords, email, etc.) from being stolen or manipulated by hackers, identity thefts, is used by millions of online businesses and individuals. SSL allows in essence only between the two parties for a private "conversation."

To build this protected connection, an SSL certificate is placed on a web server, and it has two functions:

The identity of the website is authenticated (which ensures visitors are not on a bugos site)

It encrypts the transmitted data

SSL is a security protocol in particular; Protocols illustrate how to use algorithms. In this case, for both the connection and the transmitted data, the SSL protocol specifies the encryption values. Both browsers are able to communicate using the SSL protocol with secure web servers. However, the browser and server need an SSL certificate such that a safe connection can be created.

How is SSL Certificate working?

SSL Certificates use what is known as public-key encryption.

The power of two keys that are long strings of the number generated by random means this specific form of the cryptogram. First, a private key and then a public key, your server knows a public key and is freely accessible. It can be used with any message encryption. When A transmits a message to B, it locks it with the public key of B, so the only way to decrypt it is to unlock it with a private key of B. B is the only one to be able to do this to unlock the A message, so B is the only one to do this. If a hacker intercepts the post, all it can get is a cryptographic code that they can't crack, even with the power of a computer.

Why you need SSL certificate?

SSL Certificates encrypt private information such as Credit card records, usernames, passwords, etc..

It keeps date secure

It increases your ranking

It builds the customer trust

Enhance the rate of conversion



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