Domain name means addressing structure that is used to identify and detect computers on the internet. IP addresses are used to identify one another via the Internet, but many find it difficult to recall the IP addresses. However, many of us use IP addresses to identify each other. This has led to the development of domain names, so that using of names and phrases could easily be used to identify internet entities rather than using an IP address.

Why you need a domain name

Your own identity on the internet is your domain name. No two people will ever be using the same domain name; the domain identity is also entirely separate. Your domain name is your own brand and in a way can use your domain name as your business card online, whether you have a business site on the Internet.

These are the reasons why you need a domain name

1. A single identity in cyberspace may be defined through domain names.

2. Network reputation is created by domain names.

3. Domain names improve your promotional opportunities and the visibility of your website on the internet.

4. Through the use of domain name a sense of professionalism is provided

5. Reselling, lending, and exchanging of Domain name is possible.

6. It requires portable names.

7. Domain names provide permanent e-mail address

8. Using of domain name can improve your search engine rating .

How to choose your domain name

As a domain name, you can use a concept or sentence. Think of memorable words or phrases when dreaming about a domain name, which are quickly recognized and can make you feel more trafficked. Try using your website-sensitive domain name. It's a smart idea to use the corporations' names as the domain name if your website is a company web site, or if your site is a personal website to think about a domain name specific to your site subject.

Try to retain the domain name as short as possible, as it gets easier to have the shorter domain names in mind.    


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